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How To Find THE Dress - The Right Way

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Okay lets be honest, a lot if not all brides have been thinking about THE dress even before they knew they were getting married. I myself have been doing that and am to excited to wait to have it in my hands, about to put it on. There is so many styles and lengths and this and that, that it is to much to think about all at once. I noticed that it is a lot longer of a process then just picking it the same day you say "yes to the dress."

The style of your dress is something that everyone will see and will remember even after your big day. So of course you might want to get that perfect style to stand out even more.... But where to even start?

I've been trying to figure out the path to getting THE Dress. From doing some research, finding your style will make it easy the rest of the way. There's so many ways to look for your style and one of the ways you can look is on social media. For example, Pinterest can give you categories for each style like elegant, long or short sleeve, ball gown to a mermaid fit. There is so much to scroll through and that will give you tons to look at. Even on the internet when you type wedding dresses into your search bar, it will give you a picture after picture of what is out there.

Other ways you can start looking for your style is going to boutiques and browse in person. I know that since my wedding is a few years away, I'm going to start to look around in person so I can get the feel with what might even fit/flow with my body figure; and of course I am going to try dresses on!

Other ways you can look at is asking previous brides what their wedding dress was like. I have not heard of doing this myself, but it could be something that will help you in your path. They might have something that you just adore, but of course it could be the complete opposite of what you want. That is totally okay because then you can use that as a way to narrow down of what you do or do not like.

It is always a good thing to surround people that love and care for you, even those who has strong opinions. The reason I say this is because those are the people that will give their sincere opinion to help you look amazing on your big day. Those are the people that will stick by you and make sure THE DRESS will look just as perfect as you!

Yes I know that was cheesy, but everyone is perfect in their own way. I hope this gave you some idea as to how to start looking for THE dress.

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