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Understanding Of Getting THE Dress In Your Hands

Updated: Mar 7

Now that you have read about what style of dress to choose for your big day, now you need to get the dress in your hands. I always thought that I would go to a shop and just try them all until I find the one, then buy it and wait for it to be ready. Which in short term, yes that is what you do but I am now realizing that there is more to the journey. There is so much that goes into it, and I am going to help anyone get a better understanding of what this journey can look like.

Since I will be getting a dress myself for my big day, I am starting to look for THE one, and am starting to look at where I want to get my dress from. There are so many shops

and boutiques that have distinctive styles of dresses all around you and can be overwhelming. Since I know what style of dress I want, that will act as a guide to when I go into each shop/boutique to help show the associates just exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately, I still do not know what shop I want to go with but I now know where to start my journey.

Since I am still in the air for where to buy from, I am going to shop hop and make a lot of appointments so I can get a lot of intel. Think of it as being an investigator, you are trying to get all the information and scoop on what that place has to tell you or show you. Yes that

might sound silly but that is what is helping me understand my journey a bit better. Once I get inside and meet whoever will be helping me, I will give them key points on what I am looking for in a dress. Once I get shown many dresses and look at myself, that is when I start having fun and try on all that was picked out. If I did not find THE one but have some favorites, I am going to keep them in mind and keep my option big in case of any hick ups.

But once I do find THE dress, I go through the process of purchasing the dress. My thoughts were if I buy the dress and get alterations done that same month, then it is good to go. That is not the case because if I have my wedding in a year out, my body could completely change and would have to get alterations done again. So, the shops would have you come in and get that done a couple of months so they can alter anything on the dress, like how long you want the train, or fix the straps, etc. This would happen between two and three months out from your big day so your body will not change too much. Once that is done, you try it on once more and what that is said and done, that is when you can finally have it in your hands for your perfect day.

I know this is a short blog but knowing now that I have to go to more than just one alteration appointment is a huge help for me, and having options still in my head for a back up if needed is something I really was not thinking of. I hope this helped for the majority of your personal journey and remember that you can make this the most fun experience through out the crazy and exciting journey!

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