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Don’t Forget These Things At Your Wedding!

Planning something like a wedding can be so much fun, especially with all the little details. On the other hand it can become more stressful than you want it to be. Forgetting things is something that I stress about consistently, so I am going to assume forgetting something at your wedding is a possibility.

I tried to think of an entire wedding day and what brides might generally forget. So my goal for this blog, is to help take a little stress off your shoulders.


  • Invitations

  • Place Cards

  • Guest Book

  • Favor Tags

  • Thank You Cards

These items can help you figure out who came and organize the seating during your big day.

Getting Ready:

  • Makeup Bag

  • Makeup Wipes

  • Deodorant

  • Perfume

  • Flat/Curling Iron

  • Earrings

  • Necklace/Bracelet

  • Engagement Ring

  • Garter

This list can help the bride look even more magical at her own wedding day.


  • Signs (Welcome, Ring Bearer, Reserved)

  • Flower Girl Basket and Flower Petals

  • Programs

  • Order Line Up

  • Some Type Of Arch

  • Plan B If Outside

  • Song to Walk Down The Isle To

  • Umbrella/Fans

  • Rings

  • Marriage License

DON’T FROGET TO SIGN!! Make sure to make the marriage official on paper. It does not have to be on your wedding day, but I see that is where it happens the most.

At Cocktail Hour

  • Snacks

  • Little Plates

  • Napkins

  • Silverware

  • BAR

  • Multiple Games

  • Music Playing The Whole Time

  • Bar Related Favors

  • Seating

This could help your guest to be entertained while you are capturing your favorite moments with loved ones.

During Cocktail Hour

  • All Family Needed For Pictures

  • Everyone On Both Sides Of The Wedding Party

  • Bouquets

  • Vail

  • Rings

  • Bride And Groom

Since your wedding day could feel like a go go go day, it can be easy to forget to gather or tell everyone to be ready for picture time at any point.


  • Bar

  • Snack Table

  • Table Decor

  • Table Number Signs

  • Table Runners

  • Flower Holders For Head Table

  • Any Kind Of Glass Decor

  • Flowers For Decoration

  • ”Schedule” Sign

  • Lights

  • Outside/Inside Games

  • Gift/Card Table

  • Some Kind Of Seating Chart

  • Send Off Materials

  • Chargers

The reception is for you to finally enjoy everything you put together for the celebration of you and your partner becoming even closer. Make sure to get some help with the reception so some of the stress is off your back.

If this blog helped you, it is more than I hoped it would be! Just remember your entire wedding experience should be fun and a magical chapter in your life.

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