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What Photos Do You Want?

What is one of the biggest things on your wedding day? Well of course it could be the dress, the suit, the vows, but what about the photos capturing your entire day? That is something I want to focus on my big day, because I am all about memories being captured to be able to show them off.

Something that your photographer can not do is read your mind on what you are thinking of what you want photos taken of (but that would be awesome though!). That is an obvious thing to say but your communication can definitely let them know what you want done. So here are some things that you can let your photographer know:

1) Bride and Groom Detail Photos

- The detail photos is something that can be so extraordinary because it shows your personalities. Those detail photos can include surely your ring, the shoes, the earrings and necklace, the invitation, and so on. Just like your detail photos, the grooms detail photos will capture his personality as well. Now he might not have as many items as you but that is totally okay. A bow tie or a tie, his shoes, his awesome ring, to his cufflinks.

2) Hair and Makeup

- This is something that can be skipped but of course captured. If you want this moment at a stand still, let your photographer know exactly what is going to happen so they can plan on how to get these photos. Whether you are doing your hair and makeup on your own or someone doing it for you.

3) PJ Photos

- If you and your party have certain clothing you wear whether it is robes or pajamas, those are always fun to capture. Even if you may not want those photos still tell your photographer so they can capture that special moment with your girls.

4) Dress Photos

- When it comes to the dress and who ever will be helping you, communicate who that helper will be and what exactly you will be doing. With this particular part of the day, your photographer should have this already in mind, but if there is something unique or special, make sure to let them know.

5) Gift Exchange Photos

- A gift exchange is something that is intimate between the two of you and is a big moment even if the gift is small, so if you plan on doing this or something similar, it is always fun on capturing the reactions you both have before you cry again in front of your friends and family.

6) Private Vows

- A lot of times I see private/personal vows being done but I get told at the last minute. This is one of my favorite things to get photos of because like the gifts, this moment brings out the loving, mushy side from the both of you and I always want to capture this moment for you to show off the tears!

7) Walking Down The Isle

- One wedding that Eric did, the bride came out of a barn where the barn door opened from the ground on upward and thought it was super cool to see. Although he got amazing photos of the bride walking out, he did not get the chance to get the door opening and wished he got that door. Something small like this is always good to capture because it is personalized to you.

8) Grand Entrance Photos

- Entering your reception is something exciting to see, but if you have something special planned, let your photographer know because they will most likely not expect that and could potentially miss that opportunity to capture it.

9) Special Dances

- Now the first dance, father daughter, and mother son dance is a given for it to happen, but when it comes to additional dances it can be hard for us to get photos if you do not let your photographer know in advance. For example a dollar dance, a lot of times the bride will want a picture of each person they dance with and that goes for the groom as well. The anniversary dance is another famous dance people do. Giving a heads up will allow your photographer get those long lasting couples.

10) Sunset Photos

- These sunset photos are always amazing with that golden gradient behind you. If you want these photos, it is best to let your photographer know way in advance so they can look up when the sun will set so you guys can get this moment captured before it is to late.

These are just some things that you can give your photographer a heads up on so they can expect it rather than scram to get what you want. I hope this can help you get ideas on what to tell your photographer so they can make your perfect day even better.

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