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Who Are We?

We are a team of some of the best wedding photographers and videographers around. With regular bi-weekly meetings, we keep the team up to date on all new technology and trends. Constantly working towards improving and creating the best experience possible for our lovely couples.

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Meet The Team

Our Story

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Abby and Eric, the founders of A&E's Vision. Abby started this company in 2019 right before the pandemic. She has always enjoyed capturing the wonderful moments in time that are so special to others. Unfortunately, the pandemic had caused quite a few barriers for the company to really take off and become well known. Thankfully, Eric not only loved and supported Abby but he also loved and had experienced in business management. Eric developed the marketing side of the company but also shadowed and received training in photography and videography by experienced members of the community.After a lot of work and opportunities to capture special moments of others, A&E has grown in team members, experience and passion. Abby and Eric have encompassed the joy of seeing others during the happiest of times as well as experiencing their own path of happiness. You are now looking at the future Mr. & Mrs. Abby and Eric Creech-Barajas!! So, as we adventure on to plan our own special day, we will continue to provide the best quality of work in photography and videography so you can relive those special moments and bring those feelings back to life over and over. 

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