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Finding Your Style

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your lives and you want that captured in a way that looks most beautiful to you. Since we edit our clients' photos ourselves, we understand everyone likes something a little different then previous. So Eric and I have decided to evolve into working with more than just one style of editing.

Many photographers have most likely built their portfolio on one style they are most comfortable using to finalize their work. That is never a bad thing. So lets move forward and see what kind of styles you might like for your big day.

Retro or Vintage

When photographers talk about a style of editing, they’re talking about how they will portray the pictures to look like. Some photographers have a style that's called Retro or Vintage; and no it’s not with a 1920’s big camera with a blinding flash. Rather the way they edit the photos. Retro or Vintage is where the pictures look aged, by fiddling with the colors being dull and more flat, and lowering the contrast to make photos not so vivid or not have much pop to it. This style can help you go back in time, where it can make you feel like you’re at home.

Black and White

Even though those 1920 cameras make pictures in black and white, nowadays, editing on the high tech can make those black and white photos look tremendously better. Black and white style of editing is a way that takes out all color on the focus as well as the background. This style doesn’t make the pictures look flat, but in a way can blur out any distracting elements in the background and can enhance the main focus with detail and clarity, just not in color. Black and White is not just a style, but rather tells a deeper story than what you can see. If you can feel the emotion they intend on dispensing, then your photographer did a good job. I myself see "Black and White" as a part of ones journey with emotions freezing in the time when taken.


There is a style that can still capture that full of emotion of a picture, but now has some color to it and that is Matte. This style is a form of editing that tones down the light and make it look neutral. It also looks flat since the background has no shadows or spots of light and the foreground does not either. When I say it has no light, I am talking about where there are spots that look way to bright and out of place. The Matte style is a way to capture the moments that are more intimate.


On the other hand there is a style that has more of a natural and almost looks like there was not much editing to it. That style is called Soft and Natural. This is where the photographer either does little editing or enough to make it look natural. If editing is more needed, it usually means the clarity or color correction will need to be adjusted but not much will be needed. This Soft and Natural style gives you a calming feeling that looks like it was taken how you see it.


There is a style that is the opposite of Soft and Natural, and that is called High contrast. This style has its vibrant colors to show you exactly what the focus is on the picture; as well as showing more detail. High contrast also means the picture can have tones to where it goes from white all the way to black points in the picture. This look can make you feel exciting and confident.

I hope this blog helps you understand the styles and help you look at what you are wanting.

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